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    September 27, 2015 at 12:23 pm #22848

    Hello Again,
    I am facing an unusual problem suddenly. The first problem is the navigation font looks different than the one you used in themeforest demo. In typography all the default font and values are selected. So i don’t understand why the difference.
    Isn’t the font Montserrat used for Menu navigation? Example :

    Top one is my font and bottom one your is from your demo.

    Now the second and main problem :

    I was changing font and menus and it was working fine in all browsers. I mean the one i was working on plus in other browsers. Suddenly while working with menu and typography. The changes stopped taking place.
    By which i mean :
    I was working in google chrome while logged in wordpress. And if i add new menu or change the font from lower to uppercase. And from dashboard view my site. Changes took place.

    But when i go to other browser (firefox,ie,opera) and visit the site there seems to be no changes taking place.

    So i browsed the net in one place they mentioned to deactivate and activate plugins. Which i did and changes took places throughout all the browsers. The one in which i am logged in and also in others where i am logged out from wp. But i observed that to make simple changes and to make it available in other browsers i need to repeat the process of changing plugins.

    Long story short, i figured out if i just press “flush cache” in WP then changes are taking place. So i realized its issue with cache not plugins. But now the problem is whenever i am making changes like changing menu, fonts etc. When i press view site from dashboard it shows the changes. But to make it work from other browsers where i am not logged in. I need to “flush cache” in wordpress.

    And the problem is not really with browser cache because before using the flush cache option in wordpress i cleaned all the browsers cache and history. That didn’t help.

    So, what is happening basically? Do i have to flush cache all the time to see changes? Note that the changes takes place if i view from the browser i am working on. I mean when i press view site in wp dashboard. It shows the changes. But it doesn’t from any other browsers till i flush cache.

    Though it won’t cause much trouble. As i can first work and view the changes from dashboard and when done just flush cache then test in other browsers. But why is this problem occurring suddenly? It didnt happen earlier.

    Is there any way to solve it?

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