The main menu smooth scroll don't work correctly, sending to a different place.

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    November 2, 2018 at 3:28 pm #33314

    The main menu smooth scroll don’t work correctly, sending to a different place.

    In the homepage, in the main menu, if we click in some section, the page work correctly, and send me to the correct section, and smooth. The problem is when I navigate in other internal page, like a post: if I need to return to a specific section of the homepage, when I make click in main menu, we can go to the homepage, but, the site sending me to another place of the index page. Generally send me almost one or two section down.

    The home page is:

    You can test there the main menu, and you will see that work correctly.

    But, if you go for example to:

    If you make click in the main menu, for example in “DOCENCIA”, you will go to the homepage, but instead to go to the “DOCENCIA” section, you will positionate in “INVESTIGACION” section, or near of there.

    I need help fastly, because this problem do not facilitate the navigation in the different places.


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