Hyperlinks in Accordions only work one time

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    August 17, 2021 at 7:27 pm #35569

    I am trying to figure out why suddenly hyperlinks fail to work more than 1 time in an Accordion and requires clearing out browser history to make the hyperlink work again. I deactivated my cache plugin (WP Fastest Cache) and cleared out the cache manually based on their documentation but it still fails to allow viewing a link more than once. These are internal links to Posts and are in a table within an Accordion. Links will work correctly in Chrome when I am not logged on as Admin but not in Safari. I have Fortuna version 3 and I am not aware of any updated Fortuna Theme from 3.0.
    Accordion Link: https://www.corvetteclubsantabarbara.com/#pictures
    Actual Post Link: https://www.corvetteclubsantabarbara.com/2021/2021-jalama-beach-run/

    On a related issue, my password protected page also suddenly stopped working and will not show folders – spinning cursor just stops rotating. If I clear out browser history, the password page will appear but after entering the correct password it shows a locked up non-spinning cursor. I couldn’t find an option to password protect a section within a WPBakery so I had to resort to a full page link from the main menu.

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